19 Aug 2011
Wilson: Celtic Partita Play
Reinecke: Ballade, Op. 288 Play
Mower: A Night in Greenwich for Alto Flute Play
Doppler: Fantaisie pastorale hongroise, Op. 26 Play
Karg-Elert: Caprices (30), Op. 107 "Gradus ad Parnassum" Play
5 Oct 2016
Folksong: Purtata Rara Play
6 Oct 2016
Birds Amid Tree Shadows Play
6 Oct 2016
Whelan: Riverdance Play
5 Oct 2016
Toyo (South American Bass Panpipes) Excerpt Play
7 Oct 2016
Chinese Folksong Play
6 Oct 2016
Reilly: "Your Son" from "Loch Lomond the musical" Play
6 Oct 2016
Cambodian Folksong Play
25 Jun 2012
Goodwin: Maynard & Waynard Play
28 Jun 2012
Goodwin: High Maintenance Play
27 Jun 2012
Schumann: Romances (3), Op. 94 Play
Plomp: Quisper Play
29 Aug 2012
Payne: A Tour of World Flutes Play
4 Nov 2016
Mozart: Faith's Flute Solo Play
Vivaldi: Faith & her Friends' Flute Trio Play
Folksong: Patrick's Pennywhistle Solo Play
Folksong: Deshi's Dizi Solo Play
Folksong: Quinta's Quena Solo Play
Folksong: Oba's Ocarina Solo Play
Folksong: Petru's Panflute Solo Play
Folksong: Faith's Friends' World Flutes Ensemble Play
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